The Shoo! brand of insect repellent has been around for almost 30 years. Originating in Scotland it has long been associated as the repellent of choice for the Highland "Midge".

The original formula utilized DMP (Dimethyl Phthalate) as the active ingredient and was effective against other insects including mosquitoes, ticks, horse flies and sand flies.

In 2006 the EU started to implement new standards for the registration and commercial use of active chemicals in products like insect repellents. The predominance of alternative active ingredients used by manufacturers, such as DEET and Picaridin, led to the lack of demand for DMP as a repellent and its subsequent deregistration in the EU. Similar deregistration has occurred in North American and other world markets.

Shoo! customers will be able to purchase a number of new product formats soon to be available through distributors and online:

  • 4 oz & 3.5 oz pump spray
  • 6 oz continuous spray in eco-friendly can (no CFCs)
  • 3 oz tube with lotion
  • 12 packs of wipes

These products incorporate the leading approved broad spectrum repellent actives in the marketplace today :

Picaridin - 20% , water based formula, effective to 6+ hours across multiple species including the highland midge.

PMD - botanical, natural, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, Bio-pesticide repellent with duration 3-4 hrs.

DEET - 30%, water based (no alcohol) formula, 6-8hr duration (in Canada only until DEET alternatives are available for registration with Health Canada)

Please see the CDC attached repellent summary information under Active Ingedients.

Shoo! is working on new initiatives to bring a new generation of bio-pesticidal repellent solutions to the market that will be more effective, naturally derived, non-toxic and odorless.

Please return to our site for updates as we bring you new products from Shoo!.